My name is Edward Druce.

At seventeen years old, I left school to apprentice under entrepreneur and self-development speaker Matthew Hussey.

I have assisted Matthew in growing a world-renowned life-coaching organisation: managing Matthew’s website and marketing operations, launching an instant New York Times best-selling book, building a team of over 25 people, and producing videos seen by millions.

Personal Projects

TEDxDonauinsel: How to land your dream job with one email

In June 2015, following the success of the online release of my talk at The 21 Convention (below), I was invited to Vienna to give a TEDx talk. The speech distilled everything I have learned thus far from receiving job applications on behalf of Matthew since 2010, and what people can do to stand out and make an impression when contacting companies with which they would like to work.

Available to see on Youtube here.

This Is Where to Start: How to Find Superstar Mentors, Master All They Know, and Get Ahead in Your Career

In May 2015, I released my first self-published book, laying out a complete action plan that young people can follow to decide on an industry they are interested in, reach out to key influencers, and ultimately land an exciting work position.

See the book on Amazon here.

The 21 Convention: How to Find a Mentor in Business

In October 2014, I was invited to speak at an event in Florida called The 21 Convention. The speech was entitled How to Find a Mentor in Business, detailing the story of how I began working alongside Matthew, and how young, entrepreneurially-minded people can take similar steps to land work positions with people who inspire them.

Available to see on YouTube here.


On this blog I write about life as young and ambitious person, as well as strategies you can follow to get ahead in your career.

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