– I just read a book in 3 days! Two in a week!

– I meditated every single day and got the green light every single time on my emWave!

– I hit the gym Monday through Friday, went REALLY hard, and stayed around to mobilize and cool down after every session!

– I went out every single night – despite the bitter Toronto cold – to catch up with friends, socialize and meet people!

– I watched a ton of great YouTube videos, listened to a bunch of awesome podcasts, and fed my mind with inspiration!

– My sleep was amazing all week and I felt energetic and alive every single day!

– My diet was PERFECT. I had zero cravings for anything (and when was the last time I gave myself a pat on the back for that!?)!

– We made huge progress at work!

– EdwardDruce.com has 7 new posts this week and I’ve had incredible feedback from people I really look up to who just happened to stumble across it!


I’ve never really internalized the idea of ‘celebrating small wins’ before.

You hear it over and over, but for some reason this week it really sunk in for me.

In reading a book that cited Bronnie Ware’s Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying I was reminded that being happy is a CHOICE.

I’ve always taken the stance that dissatisfaction drives action, but I’ve come to learn that you can get equal motivation from the buzz of small wins – no matter how idiotic your celebrations might feel at first (such as in writing the above).

The truth is dissatisfaction DOES drive action – that much is undeniable – but if that’s your attitude to life, you’re never going to be fulfilled long-term.

You just have to allow yourself to be happy.

–What’s stopping you from feeling great about all that you’ve accomplished this week (no matter how small it might seem)?

Just yourself.

Stop being such a hard ass.

Lighten up, give yourself a firm pat on the back for all that you’ve achieved, and keep momentum building by being joyfully excited about all of the little things that add up over time.

Lower your standards for what you need to feel happy.

The momentum celebration creates is greater than the drive dissatisfaction could ever be.

–What small wins have you had this week you’re yet to celebrate?