[*] A winner gets 8 hours of sleep a night
[*] A winner eats Bulletproof 7 days a week
[*] A winner goes out and meets friends 4+ times a week
[*] A winner reads 2+ hours a day (and in anycracks of time)
[*] A winner is ready to take on the day within 45 minutes of waking up
[*] A winner trains hard 4X a week
[*] A winner knows how to fight and defend himself
[*] A winner knows how to let go and have a good time
[*] A winner is in control of his emotions
[*] A winner is focused while working and eliminates all distraction
[*] A winner is clear of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ – with no grey area in between
[*] A winner works on the most important thing first every single day
[*] A winner can take time off and isn’t a slave to his work
[*] A winner doesn’t procrastinate the little things; he does them as soon as they crop up
[*] A winner responds to everyone – even when it’s with bad news
[*] A winner can be both easy going and firm with people when they’re out of line
[*] A winner knows when to say HELL YEAH and when to say NO
[*] A winner chooses his inputs and influences carefully
[*] A winner keeps positive company
[*] A winner is impatiently patient
[*] A winner leads with his state
[*] A winner knows when he’s done for the day and when it’s time to shut off


This is my (personal) definition of a Winner, and these are the standards I hold myself to.

I wrote this out in a journal after having violated a bunch of rules I loosely held for myself, but that I didn’t have down on paper.

It’s important to crystallize standards for yourself by getting them down in writing.

–What are some of your standards?

–What’s a Winner to you?